We want to build our family through adoption! If you, or someone you know is considering adoption, please think our family. Thank you.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Dear Expectant Parent,
We express our gratitude and love for you as you show courage in considering the gift of adoption. Our arms reach out to you as you contemplate your little one and the hopes and dreams for the future. We will forever be grateful to our birthmoms. We truly believe adoption is a gift of love and we will forever be grateful to them for making an adoption plan. They gave us the gift of family! We have room in our hearts for another little one and birthfamily! We want to continue building our family through the miracle of adoption! All our boys want to be big brothers! Together we feel there is someone missing from our family! We are a family that loves to travel: explore the world or our neighborhood, fill our home with music, laughter, and play. We invite you into our hearts whether by email,through this letter, or by giving us a call.

Thank you for taking time to get to know us better! Our prayers are with you during this time in whatever path you choose.


Brian, Christine, and our Boys

For more information about our family visit our website: www.BrianChristine.com
You may also contact us by calling 1-800-88-ADOPT

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Story - The Quest for Our Family

We are “college sweethearts”. We met in our university's choir and show choir. We had a chance to become best friends through performing together and our choir tour. We developed a great friendship. We always had something to talk about. Finally, after a year of friendship we decided to start dating… and the rest is history. It seems like yesterday we had our first date...yet here we are 17 years in love.
We started our quest for a family after a year of marriage. It was not what we had anticipated. The long journey brought years of waiting, tears, and endless prayers.

We continued our love of learning and education hoping that our efforts would prepare us for our family. Brian received his degree in Math and Computers. Christine received an undergraduate degree in Human Development/Family Studies and Certification as a Child Life Specialist (helping children who are hospitalized). She also received her Masters Degree and continued in her doctoral program. We did find peace in our deep friendship and love. We relied on each other. We traveled the world hoping to one day share our love of travel with children.

Our quest for our family eventually brought us to adoption although, now, we can’t imagine children coming to our family in any other way. We are strong advocates for adoption and tell everyone we can about this miracle in our lives. It is a miracle! We are very active in educating our community and other couples. We want other couples to experience our joy.

We have a deep love for all birth families and their sacrifice. We coordinate a birthmother’s day program to honor and show our gratitude!! We are so happy to have the gift of adoption that brings together a birth family with our family and have room in our hearts for another child and birthfamily.

Meet Christian

I am so happy to be with my family! I always have a smile on my face. I love to talk and be apart of the action!! I LOVE to be with my big brother! We love to talk with each other, watch shows together, cuddle during storytime, race cars together, and PLAY! I try to be just as big as he is. I want to run and play just as fast. I LOVE sports. I always have a ball in my hand. I'm excited that I'm a big brother too!! I love to play with my brothers.
My birthfamily lives further away but we still have an open adoption! Mama and Daddy were there for my birth and stayed with us in the hospital. We send letters, pictures, and packages to them. We talk on the phone and send text messages too. We love them. I'm not the only one my birthfamily placed for adoption. I am also glad that they placed a child with a family that lives in a neighboring city. We have a relationship with them too.

Meet Jonathan

Don't let my size fool you! I have a big heart! I love to be with my brothers. I like to see what they are doing. My big brothers protect me and are such a comfort to me. I have a smile that melts your heart. I'm really really ticklish so my brothers tickle me! I'm taking Kindermusik too..I'm trying to sing along.
My birthfamily lives close by and for now we share letters and pictures so they can see how I'm growing and love being with my family.

Traveling and Education

As a couple, we’ve had opportunities to travel. Brian occasionally travels for business. We want children to enjoy travel and education as we have. From travel benefits with Brian’s employer, we will be able to provide a “hands on” learning experience. We can travel to the various sites being studied in school and make learning fun! For example, BAJA learned about sea turtles so we went to an aquarium in Hawaii. Christian goes to Kindermusik and explores the planetarium too. Jonathan likes joining in the adventures too. When they learn about the Boston Tea Party we’ll go to Boston! We will do all we can to give opportunities to explore and learn.

Music, Arts, and Talents

We both come from a family that loves music and the arts. Brian is the middle of four with an older brother and sister and a younger sister. Christine is the middle child of 5 with an older brother and sister and a younger brother and sister. These aunts and uncles are waiting anxiously to share their talents with another child. Christine’s siblings play the piano, cello, and violin. Brian’s brother and sisters have many different interests. They sing, are involved in theater productions, photography, and play sports.
We performed for several years with the Oratorio Society. We attend the Shakespearean Festival, go to museums, sporting events, concerts, and ballets. We want children to love music and have many opportunities to develop their talents. James, Christian, and Jonathan responded to music so they've taken Kindermusik since they were 3 months old. Talents we will encourage to be developed in our home include: a good sense of humor, listening, making crafts, fixing things, sports, and serving others.

Family Traditions

Keeping our family traditions is very important to us. We love being the favorite aunt and uncle. Being a part of our nieces and nephews lives helped us cope while hoping for our family. We hosted sleep-overs, pancake parties, trips to the museum, and hiking. Our nieces and nephews call us when they need help with homework, fast internet, music downloads, or a place to hang out between college classes. Now they love teaching our boys everything they know. It is evident they have a special bond with our children. They continue to pray that we will have children in our home.

Part of our history is making memories through family parties and celebrations. Traditions are important to our family: the annual July 4th and 24th barbecues at our house, birthday parties, game night, Sunday dinner at Grandma and Nana’s house, and watching fireworks. Christmas is a special time for our family. Nana (Brian’s Mom) gives all of us pajamas on Christmas Eve. Grammy (Christine’s mom) shares the Christmas story. Afterward, we all sing Christmas carols. Christine’s German heritage is honored with Silent Night. We love Thanksgiving as a time we get together to remember our blessings. We honor and celebrate our faith,heritage, and the opportunities of living in this free land.